Project 4: Urban intervention

If someone says “give me five”, they want to hit your open hand against theirs as a way of congratulation or greeting.

Every year, there are new students come to school and some students graduated from school.

My vinyl sticker placed on the door is to show the greetings to new students and to celebrate the grads’ success. At the same time, when people pushing the door, they put their hands on the “give me five” sign, it will make them feel cheering and motivated. People can cheer up for things they have accomplished that day, and be motivated to learn more in the class and to achieve their targets.

In general, “give me five” means you are great, or you did a good job. When someone says this, it means he is pleased by the work you’ve done, or he is happy their you share the same idea.

And door is a starting point and ending point of a place. So I put it on the door is because people use their hands to push this door, by opening the door, they will hit the sticker, and this action will give them a psychological reaction.


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